Spiritual Wellness Coach

Your Wise Body – A Day Retreat – Guelph Oct 23rd

Awaken to the wisdom of your body through somatic practices, sensory explorations, intuitive movement and dance. These practices will deepen your embodied awareness of sensation, feeling, and emotions that your body houses. This awareness will enable you to awaken and reconnect to the wisdom of your body. This powerful process will begin to transform your life and your relationship with your body.

In this day-long retreat you will experience; sensory explorations, dance movement therapy, expressive arts, and more. All practices have been curated to support you in remembering, feeling and embracing the wisdom of your body.

Throughout the day we will build a tool box of resources that you can use everyday to:

– Begin to regulate your nervous system and from this, realize safety still exists within your wise body.

– Discover the vocabulary and language of your body, and harness your potential for wellness.

– Learn how intuitive movement and dance can support your emotions and can be used as a proactive tool to help manage and reset your internal landscape.

Join us for this experiential retreat and learn to dance with your body, your nervous system and find regulation, resources and a new found love for your wise body.

This is a Trauma informed retreat.

Exchange: $125 early bird, $150 after 9/23 or $105 Bring a Friend

Location: Shake It Off Studio – 9 Woodlawn Road East, Guelph

Please contact Lisa to register and for more details.

During this retreat we will be in studio and walking through the Old Growth Forest at Ignatius. (This is only a few minutes away from our studio location).

Please dress in comfortable clothes and shoes. Please bring your own snacks, lunch and water.

We look forward to dancing with you!

Liz & Lisa 

Liz has been supporting women in their path of self-love for the last 12 years, through the practices of holistic healing, mindfulness, yoga, dance movement therapy and counselling.

Lisa is a Trauma Informed Coach and a Nervous System RESET Practitioner (Qualifying). She’s a Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer. She specializes in Nervous System Regulation, Education, Somatic Practices to Support & Rewire the NS & Discharge Unresolved Trauma.