End of Year Ceremony

End of Year Ceremony



I have created a Closing 2022 Ceremony to support you in creating space for the new; to cross the threshold into a new year with room to grow into new possibilities and energies.

The intention for this ceremony is: 

1) to reflect and honour what you have learned in 2022
2) to let go of what you don’t want to take with you into 2023 (energies, emotions, relationships etc)
3) to create space in your mind, body, and spirit for new possibilities

Your ceremony includes:

Meditation, Journaling, Ritual, Dance & Yoga Nidra, these practices will support the three part intention for this ceremony.

Two Ways to Join

You can join me Live via zoom for this Closing ceremony on Saturday December 31st from 10am-12:30pm. If you are not available on this date/time, not to worry you can still access this ceremony, as I have made it available via email from Dec 11th to Dec 31st, for you to do from the comfort of your own home. The ceremony has clear, simple guidelines, and timelines and each part of the ceremony .


$53 CAD

After your purchase details

If you are joining Live via zoom on Dec 31st, I will send you the zoom link via email.

If are downloading the ceremony, I will send you the link via email for download, by the evening of Dec 10th.

I look forward to sharing this transformational ceremony with you!