Dance, Heal, Transform – Monday Night Session

Weekly Sessions: Mondays 7-8:30pm Eastern Time 


Find healing and transformation in this 90 minute women’s movement/dance practice

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.

~ Elizabeth A. Behnke

Focus of these classes

Weekly sessions are an opportunity to discover the joyful healing power of dance at the level of mind, body, heart and spirit.

Bring what is being asked to heal, to be moved, to be danced. Offer it up to the alchemical process of movement, music, art and community. Let yourself be transformed and renewed.

What to expect

Our sessions combine the power of women’s circles with the joy of free-form movement and healing of lightly guided therapeutic dance. 

These weekly sessions are a space for you to embrace the natural wisdom of your body through a fusion of intuitive, expressive and creative movement.  You will learn how to use dance as tool for healing and transformation, one that revitalizes your energy, and connects you to your true essence. 

All sessions will incorporate embodied awareness practices, expressive intuitive free formed movement/dance, therapeutic dance/movement prompts (optional), creative art and writing. 

Please note, no experience is required to join. There are no dance steps to follow, you do not need to consider yourself a dancer to join, you just need to have a sincere desire and open curiosity to meet yourself through dance.


$35 drop-in single session regular pricing

or $25 supported rate (choose this rate if you are in need of financial support)

$105 for all 4 sessions (the month)

If you sign up for the month and need to miss a class please let me know in advance and I will record the session for you and send you the replay. 

If you are dropping into a class, please register at least 15mins before the start time of the dance to receive the zoom link. 

Pay via etransfer – liz@lizdiaz.ca (please include your email in the notes section of the e-transfer so that I can send you the zoom link).

Or to pay via credit card use the following links;

single drop-in Regular Rate https://square.link/u/HG5udIdp

single drop-in Supported Rate https://square.link/u/nw40fj2A

or for the full month 4 classes https://square.link/u/y65qLD2B


Mondays August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th 7-8:30pm Eastern Time


“What an experience! Liz is a phenomenal, compassionate facilitator. From the moment you step into the space to the moment you leave, you can feel all the love and care she has put into creating a safe and welcoming space. She truly creates an experience for you to move, shift, transform, laugh, cry and explore the depths of your being. You can feel her passion in her attention to detail from the music she chooses, the words she speaks and how she facilitates the beautiful, flowing energy. Thank you for the amazing and beautiful women’s circle and dance experience.” – Sam Warren – Holistic Wellness Practitioner

More details 

Why we dance

Dance is one of the oldest movement healing arts. Dance guides us to embrace ourselves with compassionate acceptance, by trusting the innate healing power of the body. 

Flow of time together 

We open our time together in circle, a poem or piece of writing for contemplation will be shared, followed by some reflection questions to help guided us in setting our personal intentions of what you are seeking to heal/transform through movement. At the beginning of our dance there will be time to tune into your personal intention and move with what is arising for you in that moment. Please come as you are and know that all of you is welcomed in this space.

Liz will then gently guide us in an embodiment practice that takes us deeper into connecting with our body. 

We will then continue exploring with is alive in our bodies and awareness by meeting ourselves through free-formed dance & lightly guided therapeutic movement prompts (optional) to support the release and transformation of what we seek to heal.  Our dance is accompanied by a 60min of world music. We will close our movement practice with a short guided meditation, and take time for personal reflection through creative art making and journaling, before meeting again in our circle to share and close the evening.

About the music

The arch of music starts slow, comes to a peak and gently comes back down into stillness with a variety of genres, all curated to support nourishing the body, releasing stagnation and creating a sense of liberation, and deep inner connection.