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How do you want to feel in 2021?

How do you want to feel in 2021?

Let’s be honest, lots of planning and high achieving goals may not be the way to go this year. 

What if instead we keep our focus simple? 

What if we focused on how we want to feel instead? 

Here are 6 simple steps to connect to your desired feelings for this coming year: 

Step 1: Reflect
Tune into your heart space and ask yourself how do you want to feel this year? If you could feel one way what would it be?

Step 2: Visualize
Visualize this feeling, how do you see yourself? What does this feeling smell like, sound like? etc

Step 3: Journal
Spend some time journaling post meditation and visualization. After 5-10 minutes of journaling, go back over what you have written and make a list of words related to how you want to feel this year. 

Step 4: Review & Refine
Review your list and narrow down the words, circling or highlight 3 or 4 words that to truly reflect how you want to feel.

Step 5: Affirmations 
Use these worlds to create love notes and affirmations that you can place around your house, car, computer to support your daily connection to your core desired feeling for 2021.

Step 6: Dance it 
For my music lovers choose 1 or 2 songs that you can play and dance to on the regular to bring your 2021 desired feelings into your body. 

Happy New Moon! 

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