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Energetic Spring Cleaning

Energetic Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring! For a true harvest to happen in the fall we need to create space to seed and grow this spring. It is nearly impossible for things to grow if the energy is stagnant and full of old energy.

1. Smudge – Do a full clearing of your house with Cedar, Sage, Palo Santo or your favourite smudge
2. Detox – Take a break from sugar, alcohol, dairy, wheat, meat & eggs
3. Purge – Purge your closets, cupboards, desk and papers
4. Let Go of Relationships that aren’t serving you – take an in depth look at what relationships aren’t working in your life, set new boundaries or completely let the go.
5. Work with the element of Water, take baths regularly, drink lots of water, and work with water visualizations and meditations to support your energetic and mental clearing.

Now that your vessel and space is more energetically clear you are ready to set new intentions!

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