Dance Movement Therapy

“Sometimes our emotions are buried so deep that we don’t have words to express them.

Sometimes it’s too hard to feel what we are feeling straight on.

Sometimes we need to get out of our head and into our body to feel what we are feeling.

Sometimes we need to use our imagination and play to find and create new solutions.

Sometimes we just need to move” 

– Liz Diaz 

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is defined as the psychotherapeutic use of movement within a process that seeks the psychophysical integration (body-mind) of the individual and uses movement and dance to improve the mental and physical well-being of the individual.

In DMT, there are no specific steps to follow, and you don’t need to be a “dancer” to benefit. In DMT intuitive movement and movement exploration becomes a tool to connect with your inner wisdom.

The thing that I love the most about Dance Movement Therapy is that it is a vehicle for expression.

It specifically focuses on physical expression; body language, non-verbal behaviours, and emotional expressions instead of words, acting as a bridge between the body and mind.

In Dance Movement Therapy we use creativity, body movement, and dance to support us in the exploration and integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Through movement exploration we get to deepen our understanding of our life experiences, emotions and body.

I offer two ways to experience Dance Movement Therapy, group and 1-1 sessions.


My Wise Body Support Circle starts; 6 sessions of dance movement therapy and mindfulness.

Created specifically for women and female identified folks struggling with self-love, body positivity, chronic pain and illness recovery.

Dance movement therapy is a powerful tool to support and enhance our sense of wellbeing and self-actualization.

It’s especially supportive in self-exploration, improving self-knowledge, enhancing self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

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Individual Sessions

What is a 1-1 Dance Movement Therapy session like?

1. Verbal Check-in, to support you in becoming aware of your psychophysical state.

2. “Warm up“: Where we explore the possibilities of movement and prepare the body to move.  Warm-up exercises to help you recognize space, explore different rhythms and tempos, and connecting you to your breath.

3. Dynamics of Consciousness Through Dance: The themes identified in phases 1 are developed, with a focus of exploring, creative ways to connect with your interior landscape, to feel, express, tell your story through movement and gesture. 

During this psychotherapeutic process you may be asked to make a gesture, change it in some way, or become aware of your body movements. You may also be asked to create a sequence of movements or dance that symbolizes your inner experience. This can be particularly helpful in working with difficult emotions. 

4. Integration: After the dynamic exploration we have a few minutes of writing and drawing to reflect on your experience and then share verbally with the therapist, and talking about next steps.

5. Stretching and relaxation: We close the session with exercises that allow you to find balance and relaxation of your body and mind. 

A session can last between 60 to 120 minutes and can be done in person or online.  Email liz@lizdiaz.ca to book your appointment. Not sure if a Dance Movement Therapy Session is for you? Book a free discover call here https://calendly.com/lizdiaz/30min


“Liz has such a gentle and mindful presence, and her guidance creates safety, intention, and awareness for each person’s journey.  She brings such passion and compassion for this deep work, and has helped me come home to my body in ways I never knew I could.  I am deeply grateful.”  – Amy