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Dance Heal Transform

Dance Heal Transform

Kick-off your mornings dancing!

Reset and realign your mind, body & soul in just 30mins a day. 

This program is focused on supporting you in healing and transforming your life through the practices of Ecstatic Dance, Dance Movement Therapy, and Somatic Awareness. No experience is required to participate. 

We START Nov 7th, 2022, Monthly until March 10th 2023

How the program works:

Each morning Monday to Friday starting Nov 7th until March 10 th you will receive an email with a link to that days music, along with an intention and a optional guided embodiment warm-up and journaling prompts.

You can complete your dance practice on your own at anytime you choose, OR join Liz live via zoom 7:00 – 7:30am (7:40 if you stay for the optional journaling portion) EASTERN TIME to practice as a community. 

You will also be invited to join our FB community, where Liz will be sharing tips and guidance to help you stay accountable and committed to your practice.

This program is for you if:

• You love to dance, and want to start your mornings right by committing to your personal growth by dancing and connecting to your body daily. 

• You are ready to cleanse your mind and body of stuck emotions and subconscious blocks through the practice of free-formed movement, creative writing and somatic practices. 

• You want to learn how to deeply connect to your body’s messages and wisdom through simple somatic practices. 

• You feel called to realign your heart to your true life intentions 


Regular $59 

Bring a Friend $49 Per Person (Note this should be a new person who has not previously participated in the program before)

All pricing is in CAD 

Pay by 

Save on credit card fees and pay by, e-transfer to liz@lizdiaz.ca please include your email  in the notes section so that I can send you the zoom info

Via Paypal use this link  paypal.me/lizdiazservices if you use paypal please add $2.01 to cover the paypal fees

Please note this event is open to women, female identified folks and non-binary folks. 

Questions? email me liz@lizdiaz

Why We Dance:

Dance is one of the oldest movement healing arts. Dance guides us to embrace ourselves with compassionate acceptance, by trusting the innate healing power of the body. There are no steps or moves to follow, our dance practice is a like a moving meditation, where the body and music directs our movements from the inside out. Free-formed and intuitive movement, enables us to be in the present moment. This is a dance practice for personal growth, and spiritual connection.

What people are saying about Dance, Heal, Transform:

“It’s been so lovely dancing with everyone, I have felt connected to this community. Thank you Liz for creating this space!
Every week the sun has been rising a little earlier here, so it literally has felt like bringing the light into cold & wintery days.”

“It’s brought enormous joy to me dancing with all of you.. thank you from the bottom of my heart Liz for creating such a beautiful space.. lots of love and light all ”

“I look forward to continue to cultivate laughter and playfulness in my mornings to keep the spirit of the dance alive.”

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