Online Dance Circle

Dance Circle

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Join our sacred group sanctuary, where we can arrive to dance, move and be with all that is stirring.

A space where we can come together with other women and receive inspiration, connection and support through the practices of ecstatic dance, somatic based life coaching and ritual.


A two hour online circle for self-discovery, nourishment and transformation.

Our circle is a place where we can safely be a witness to all of who we are. A place where we can choose to lean into and move with our pain, our fears, our doubts, our love, our joy, our bliss. A place where the abandoned, rejected, forgotten pieces of ourselves are accepted, welcome, and claimed back into the whole. Our dance circle gives us an and open landscape of fertile ground to rest in, to play, to rediscover, and create a new reality through movement and intention.


Liz will share a poem or piece for contemplation, followed by some reflection questions to help guided us in setting our intentions. 

We will gently move into a guided embodiment meditation then move into meeting ourselves through ecstatic dance guided by a 45-60 music mix of spiritually infused world music. 

We will close our journey with a guided meditation, and take time for personal reflection through journaling, art making, and sharing in a circle.

Please dress comfotably, bring a journal, water, and any sacred items that you choose to our circle.


Dance is one of the oldest movement healing arts. Dance guides us to embrace ourselves with compassionate acceptance, by trusting the innate healing power of the body. There are no steps or moves to follow, our dance practice is a like a moving meditation, where the body and music directs our movements from the inside out. Free-formed and intuitive movement, enables us to be in the present moment. This is a dance practice for personal growth, and spiritual connection.

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