Befriend Your Body 1-1 Program

Dearest Sister,

Are you seeking a sacred space to tune into your body’s inner wisdom?

Wanting to learn tools and exercises to enhance your ability to listen to your body’s messages?

Ready to gain a deeper connection to your divine essence while enhancing your physical and emotional well being?

Ready to build a sacred relationship of trust, compassion and acceptance with yourself through embodied awareness?

Ready to acknowledge, honour and release; stuck energy, emotions and old stories from your body?

Are you curious and open to using somatic practices and dance movement therapy, mindfulness, and daily ritual for your growth, healing and freedom?

If you have been looking for a body centered, therapeutic and holistic approach to healing and re-building a peaceful and joyful connection to your body this coaching program is for you.

Who is this program for?

This program is well suited to women experiencing any of the following:

You struggle with self-love, body positivity, body acceptance and feeling at home in your body.  

You are experiencing anger, grief or sadness about your body due to changes in your body due, age, maternity, illness or pain. 

Do you often feel like you live just in your head, and feel uncomfortable and disconnection from your body .

You don’t consider your body to be your friend but something  that you control, you often find yourself ignoring it all together. 

Throughout this 8 week 1-1 Journey you will:

Acquire new self-compassion, intuitive listening and embodiment skills that get you out of your head and into your body 

Deepen your connection to your body by understanding your body’s messages,  cultivating a more peaceful, accepting and supportive relationship with your body.

You will discover how to connect to your body and access the incredible wisdom and healing power that resides within you. 

We will explore, and uncover your body story and start to release, shift and heal limiting beliefs and emotions that keep you disconnected from your body. 

As your guide I will be with you every step of the way creating a safe supporting and caring environment for you as gain deeper appreciation, joy and connection to your body.

Investment & How the Program Works

We will meet bi-weekly via zoom for our 1:1 guided sessions (4 sessions in total 75min each) 

Our sessions will be a unique blend of experiential skill learning, somatic based life coaching, mindfulness, and dance movement therapy. 

The time in between sessions I will be available via email and voice note to provide additional support. The time between session is essential to allow space for integration.

As part of this program you will receive resources (pdf handouts, audio recordings) that support your healing and growth 

You will walk away with a personal sacred tool kit of daily practices and rituals to keep you anchored and connected to your body and spirit.

Regular investment for the 8 weeks is, $999. 

I am offering a fall special price of $699 for the month of January, 2 payment options. $699 in full or 3 payments of $238

I’m Ready to Start Now for 1 Payment of $699

Let’s do a Payment Plan, 3 Payments of $238

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“I feel much more connected and aware. I am listening to my body more deeply, and making small changes (like a few deep breaths in between google meets) to help my body feel more grounded and nourished”.

— Meghan from Toronto, Canada

“I have gained insight into how my emotions show up and manifest in my body. This has greatly helped me to see the effects that situations have in a new and different way than I have in the past. I feel I am more in touch with my body as a result of taking the program.. This program taught me how to get in touch with myself on a deeper level through the fostering of practices that are simple to grasp and put in place on my own. Thank you Liz your love and care shows in everything that you do and I have deep gratitude for you and the work you do.”

— Cynthia from Toronto, Canada

Your Time is Now!

Come home to your body, come home to you.

Book a free call to see if this program is the right fit for you.