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Spring Altar for New Beginnings

Spring Altar for New Beginnings

Looking to energetically support what you are seeking to grow this spring season? An easy way to do this is by creating a new altar. 

  • Start by cleansing your sacred space with sage, palo santo, cedar, or by sounding your Tibetan chimes or bowl
  • Set yourself up to do a short meditation. Have a journal and pen near by for after your meditation
  • Grounding yourself into your meditation cushion or seat, take a few deep breaths and when you feel grounded. I invited you to call upon your highest-self/true self to be present with you during your meditation
  • Shifting the focus and awareness of your breath to the top of your crown, I invite you to envision that a beautiful white light is starting to pour into your crown, this is the light of source, clarity and inspiration
  • Breathing this light all the way into your body, allowing it to flow through you
  • After a few breaths, bring your awareness and this inspirational light into your heart. Spend some time here to listen to what your heart is asking what is ready to grow this spring season
  • Intuitively let this light mediation continue, maybe following it to other parts of your body, maybe using it to release, trust how this energy want to move through you
  • When you feel ready gently come out of your meditation and back into your sacred space
  • Take your journal and write down any reflections that came to you during your meditation
  • Now take some time to synthesis your spring intention. Maybe there is a phrase or affirmation that comes through. Use this as inspiration for your Altar creation.
  • Take some time to find objects that symbolically represent your spring intention, that can then be placed on your altar to act as a  physical manifestation of your intention.

Use your altar daily to help you stay focused on what you are growing this spring.

May all you sacred intentions grow from seeds to blossoms.

Love, Liz

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