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Pilgrimage to Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu ~ Nov 2-10th 2019

Returning Home – A Pilgrimage of the Heart which will be a magical journey to the Sacred Valley + Machu Picchu with a focus on Andean Wisdom Teachings & Creating Your Personal Mesa. We also have two incredible extensions that we have create to Lake Titicaca and Puerto Maldonado in the jungle for those who would like to continue to go deeper into their experience while in Peru.

More about this journey….

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive deeper into your relationship, connection and understanding of the Andean Wisdom Teachings and how they have been used for millennia to support the harmonization of the three bodies (mind/body/soul) for greater peace, clarity and self-understanding.

Journey to the high Andes with traditional Curandero Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta who will guide you throughout each step of your personal process to connect more deeply with your heart and who you truly are.

Each day will be a gift of sharing traditional teachings to allow us to more fully understand and ground ourselves in the symbology and spiritual mapping of working with the Andean teachings and in particular the Mesa (Andean Medicine bundle). Each temple, sacred site and ceremonies throughout our time together have been intentionally chosen and woven together to create this powerful moment in time for each of us.

This sacred journey is best suited to individuals who have made a commitment to deepening their spiritual practice and to a path of experiential learning through traditional teachings and ways of understanding.

If you are feeling the call…we would love to welcome you to our circle.

Optional extensions:
** For those who would like to continue their work and journey to either Lake Titicaca to work with the Master Plant Medicine Teacher Wachuma we have created a beautiful extension to deepen this work.

** For those who are feeling called to the jungle to work with Master Plant Medicine Teacher Mama Ayahuasca we have also created a beautiful and powerful opportunity to do so.

Please reach out for more information about these optional extensions.

To view the full itinerary please visit: www.tamtoursperu.com

Personal investment: $2900USD and special offer of $2600USD for the first 6 people to register

Additional 10% discount for those who are able to make payment in full at time of registration.

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