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New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

The Moon is the ultimate symbol of the Goddess, a symbol of creation.

The cycles of the moon can be mirrors for our own personal cycles  and can be harnessed to support our spiritual intentions.  

The Pisces New Moon is asking us to let go; to empty out, to bring things to completion and create space for the beginning of a new cycle.

It is asking us to do this by tapping into our higher consciousness and meet our lessons learnt, from a space of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness.

That it is time that we rise above, and graduate from them lessons learnt.

That by surrendering completed aspects of ourselves we can create space for something new to form.

With the arrival of the new moon tomorrow March 6th, I invite you to take to reflect on the following questions:

What lessons have I learnt over the last year that I am now ready to “graduate” from?

What is my higher-self/true-self/spiritual self asking me to let go of so that I can create space for new energy to come through?

What can I release that will bring a sense of deeper emotional resonance and spiritual alignment?

The March New Moon is asking us to release; as a way to prepare us to enter new waters, that will deepen with the arrival of Spring Equinox on March 21st.

To open us up to new possibilities that this new cycle brings; asking us to trust the flow and direction of our lives.

That it is okay and necessary to let go of completed aspects of ourselves; because new aspects of ourselves are emerging, and ready to take the lead.

My wish for you is that you turn inwards, follow your inner guidance, follow your heart, open your arms and embrace what the Universe sends your way.



Want some crystals suggestions for this new moon? I share my 4 to pisces crystal suggestions here http://www.lizdiaz.ca/crystals-for-the-new-moon-in-pisces/

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