Spiritual Wellness Coach

Dance Temple

A Weekly Dance Gathering to Nourish Your Body & Soul

Return to Trust – Nov 1st

Let Love In – Nov 8th

Bring it into the Light – Nov 15th

Nourish & Release – Nov 22nd

Radiance – Nov 29

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Every Sunday in Novemeber via Zoom , 10-11:30 am EST

This series has been created to support women who are on a quest of personal and spiritual growth. Who are actively shedding false beliefs and old behaviours. Who are choosing to feel & heal.

I know first hand that to navigate this world and find peace within, we must invoke the sacred. To find joy, we have to dissolve fear, and to do our personal healing work we must know the divine.

The “work” isn’t always easy, yes it can be done alone, but it’s so much sweeter in community. To be in circle, is an opportunity to be held, seen and heard without judgement. To receive inspiration, support. To be cheered on in the rawness and realness of what it means to transmute and transform our pain into possibility, through the power of intention and dance.

Why We Dance

Free-formed and intuitive dance, helps us move our doubts and fears, into hope and trust. Dancing supports us in activating our heart intentions, that can’t be accessed with the mind. It also invites us to surrender, to our body’s wisdom, and the possibility of experiencing moments of joy, love and gratitude.

Flow of Our Circle

To open our circle Liz will share a poem or piece of writing for contemplation, followed by some reflection questions and a guided embodiment meditation to support you in tuning into your personal intention for the dance.

We will then move into meeting ourselves in a free-formed intuitive dance journey accompanied by a 45min mix of spiritually infused world music.

We will close our journey with a short meditation, and take time for journaling, and sharing in circle.

What Women Are Saying About Dance Temple

“Musical mystical meditations for my body”

“Reverent awareness through dance connection”

“This dance series help me ground into my body, find freedom and set myself lose”

“A safe space for me to explore my bodies needs through movement and connect to the divine”

“Dance Temple challenged me to go inward and learn to listen to my inner guidance and trust my path”