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Crystals for the New Moon in Pisces

Crystals for the New Moon in Pisces

The Pisces New Moon is asking us tap into our higher consciousness to meet and release lessons learnt, from a space of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness. It also is asking us to take time to meditate, dream, visualize and open up to new possibilities that this new cycle brings. Asking us to dive deeper into our emotional and spiritual bodies, that this is where we will find direction and flow for the new waters that arrive with this new moon on March 6th. Below your will find crystal recommendations, to support you as you navigate all the feels of pisces energy and come into deeper emotional resonance and spiritual alignment. Read more about the new moon in my previous blog

Aquamarine embodies water energy and connects us to our feelings. This would be a good stone to work with if you are feeling intense emotions during this new moon season. Or if you are ready to release stuck feelings. Try laying with this crystal on your heart, it’s energy is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go.

Amethyst is a perfect crystal to work with during this Pisces New Moon, as it helps to amply our intuition and supports us in accessing higher states of consciousness. This new moon is asking us to tune into our intuition and higher realms to receive information about the upcoming new cycle in our life . Amethyst is also a good sleep aid, when placed under pillow or mattress, which can also promote deeper dream states.

Blue Lace Agate is a stone that can help you access and clarify the higher spiritual truths about your feelings and help you synthesis these intuitive messages into words so that you can communicate them with yourself and others. Lay with this crystal on your throat, to support you speaking your truth.

Iolite is one of the most powerful third eye crystals I have experienced. The third eye is know as the seat of inner vision. Iolite has strong metaphysical properties that can help you to see, imagine and allow yourself to experience via your visionary abilities. This is a great stone to pair up with visualization exercises, supporting you in bringing into reality what you envision.

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