Spiritual Wellness Coach

Body Prayer ~ Women’s Drop-in Ecstatic Dance Circles

..Close your eyes….Take a breath….Now gently follow your breath inside your body….Take another pause…This time take a slightly deeper breath and follow it once more inside, see where it takes you. Sense what your breath awakens inside of you…Is it a sound that moves through your throat, is it a gentle wave of pleasure arising from feeling your spine and hips expanding as you breath, is it a light that you sense flowing from your heart? ….This sensation may be subtle or may be strong….Continue to follow the sensations until you feel an impulse, a spark to move into movement.

Let your body lead … How does spirit (your highest-self, goddess, divine, mother earth) arise through your body? What does spirit want to tell you through movement? What guidance does it have for you, that is waiting to be embodied.

You are the vessel. Let yourself open to receive it’s prayer for you.


Body Prayer is a dance ritual for self-discovery, celebration and transformation

Body Prayer gifts us the opportunity to find stillness, to listen, and to nourish our relationships with our bodies

Body Prayer is a place where we can meet and be guided by the innate wisdom of our breath and our bodies for our path and highest good

Where & When:
Sunday July 21st

240 Roncesvalles Yoga Village Toronto 4-6pm
$30 Returning sister
$20 first time dancer

Pre-Registartion is advised, spots are limited
Circles tend to sellout before the date of event ♥

etransfer to liz@lizdiaz.ca with password “dancing” or via paypal https://paypal.me/ConsciousDanceCA
eventbrite ticket link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/body-prayer-womens-circle-ecstatic-dance-tickets-64929903088