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April Events & Services

April Events & Services

Spring Rebirth Ceremony & Dance

Saturday April 13th, 7:30-10pm @ Yoga Village ~ 240 Roncesvalles

Sweet Sisters! I am so excited to invite you to join me for an intimate and sacred evening of ceremony dedicated to your growth

This is a potent time to set intentions and look deeply at our lives and see what is ready to be birthed as life springs forth with the return of the sun.

It is time to Revitalize, Rebirth and let our Souls Rise Up!

Join me for a sacred ceremony and dance that will activate and awaken your spring intentions and manifestations from within.

This event is for you if you are:

Carrying a vision that is ready to grow from seed to sprout. You feel called and ready to create space to nourish your dreams to grow.  This event is also for you if you are still thawing from the winter freeze and feeling sluggish, uneasy, or stuck, and want to revitalize your energy.  Just like a new seeds being planted in the earth this spring, that needs water and light to sprout, we too need to nurture ourselves for our intentions to blossom.

For more details on the event and to secure your spot click HERE

Manifesting Aries New Moon Circle

Friday April 5th 7-9 @ The Rockstore 

On Friday, April 5 the first new moon of the spring season will rise in the sky

New moons have a way of stirring us into action, and this new moon will be especially so with it being in the first sign of the zodiac.

Aries is super-charged with the energy of new beginnings, a welcoming energy as we move forward into the activity of life and growth. ⁣⠀

Join me Friday April 5th to plant seeds of intention out into the Universe for this active cycle and leave behind the patterns of stagnation that keep us immobile. ⁣

Secure your spot around the circle here

Full Moon Circle

Saturday April 20th 7-9 @ The Rockstore 

In this full moon ceremony, you will be invited to burn away old relationship habits, old selves, and any energies that inhibit your ability to partner and cooperate with others as you focus your goals and desires for spring, summer and beyond.

Then let the increasing sunlight of the season support you in shining YOUR light in 2019!

Bring a notebook and pen for any sparks of insight and inspiration.

Secure your spot around the circle here

Spring Clearing for Your Soul 

Soul Coaching Sessions

Are you carrying an important vision that needs to start, but don’t have the right energy for it? Still thawing from the winter freeze and feeling sluggish, uneasy, or stuck?

This soul sessions will support you tune in, set and amplify your intentions for the season of spring as you open to receive abundant energies of your divine wisdom and light.

During this Online 60 or 90 minute one-on-one breakthrough coaching session you will

  • Gain clarity on what is ready to rise from within and be birthed.
  • Discover what needs to be cleared and supported for transitions and growth to take place in your life.
  • Dissolve energy blocks; align your energetic, physical, and emotional body.
  • Attune, set and amplify your intentions for the season of spring and be opened to receive the abundant energies of spring light.
  • Bring focus and clarity to your mind promoting creativity, supporting transitions, spiritual growth and emotional cleansing.
  •  Create a daily ritual to support you with your intentions
  • You will also receive a recording of your session

To book email lizatlizdiaz.ca

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